Monday, October 28, 2013

Plunger for your toilet, sink, and tub.

Which Plunger Do I Use?

Almost every American household has one in their bathroom, right next to the toilet, others under the sink cabinet, and the rest in the bathroom closet. Now a days they make plastic, metal, or decorative plunger covers so you aren't ashamed.

Plungers have come a long way from the first plunger invented in 1777. The modern day toilet plunger it is said to have been invented in 1932 by Jeffrey Gunderson.
Gunderson gets credit for the invention but it is believed that it was actually invented sometime between  1850 and 1900. The reason for this theory is because the S-trap drainage system was invented in 1852 and the use of wood and rubber were becoming common practice.

I know your main concern is knowing which plunger to use for the job.

-Make sure that you don't have too much water in the toilet so you don't make a mess.
-Place flange plunger in the toilet bowl to completely cover the opening.
-Push down with force. 
-Thrust the flange plunger several times until the water flows down.
-The flange plunger should do the job the first time around. 
-If whatever is blocking your pipes is not flowing down, try putting dish soap to loosen out what ever is blocking your pipes. 
-Let the dish soap sit there for 10-15 minutes, before you try again.

-Place cup plunger over sink opening.
-Make sure the cup plunger is completely covering the opening.
-Push down and hard to get a good suction.
-Thrust the cup plunger until the water starts to flow down.

What if the plunger doesn't work? Can I use chemicals to pour down the sink or tub?
They have several chemicals to pour down your sink or tub. They say it works like magic, but pouring chemicals to unclog your drain is not a good idea. They damage your pipes, your skin, your surface and whatever else it touches. Your best bet is to call a professional plumber to help out with your problem. 

**If the above pictures are offensive I apologize, they are meant for humor

Monday, October 21, 2013

Clogging Your Drain

Can I put my pumpkin pulp down the drain?

The joys of carving pumpkins and being left with stringy pumpkin pulp all over. No, you should not put your pumpkin pulp down the drain. It is stringy, slimy, and it will harden up when it is dry. That will harm your plumbing.

I have a garbage disposal, can I still put my pumpkin pulp down the drain?

No, it will dull your blades and end up damaging your plumbing. Pumpkin pulp might seem like it will go down easy. You have to remember that just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not sitting there. I understand that you paid hundreds of dollars to be able to put whatever you would like down your garbage disposal. That's not how it works. You want your garbage disposal to last and to function correctly. Also, if you have food that wont go down the drain, it's going to sit there and stink up your kitchen. rotten food is the worst. You can get sick from the smell and the bacteria sitting in your sink.
        Stringy or fibrous vegetables will clog the drain. Starchy foods will swell and also clog the drain. Never drain grease, oils, or fats(use an old coffee can to dispose).
Remember to put a little dish soap with cold water down the garbage disposal to keep it clean.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Pumpkin Carving Plumber
These pumpkins are the ones we carved last year

Trust me I know this has nothing to do with plumbing tips or home repair. I just couldn't help my self since I love Halloween and pumpkin carving. I won't leave my day job to become a pumpkin carver in the near future, but we can all dream. 
Carving my masterpiece 


I think I did a pretty good job at carving my grim reaper. Without a doubt I won against that bat-cat-creppy-dragon thing. I have visited a few websites looking for good ideas. I'll share my favorite ones. Let me know what you think. I have to win again this year. It helps when you have a good solid pumpkin to start with. Pumpkin carving tools help, you can also use silver wear, or whatever tools you have in the garage. I might include my Milwaukee Tools this year. By the way, you should enjoy a home made pumpkin pie or pecan pie while carving pumpkins. It makes it all better. 

I have searched all over the web for good pumpkin ideas, but hands down extreme has the best. This one, has been one of my favorite for a few years now. The buildings on fire make the picture for me. 

This pumpkin monster made me laugh. They did a great job with his expression. I can't figure out how they did the tongue, if you know send me an email. I wouldn't mind recreating this one. Poor little guy is about to get eaten. 

All these pumpkins are just so perfectly evil. The eyes and huge smile make them so devilishly bad. 
Burn, Burn, Burn (evil laughter)...ha ha ha ha
If I ever have a daughter, I'll do this one for her. 
Those are suppose to be his hands
Brain surgery
That's what happens when you step on my lawn
I know this one isn't really considered as pumpkin carving. It looks cool, I would want to put this in front of my house. I can just imagine how nasty it would get after a few days. 
This last one is suppose to be cute, so you don't think I was being racist and only choose evil pumpkins. 

Halloween Halloween, enjoy your pumpkin carving. Don't forget to send me pictures of your masterpieces. I promise I will share mine with you guys. 

**I would like to give thanks for all the pictures I stole from, visit their site. They honestly have great ideas. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Special

6 Animals That Can Crawl Up Your Plumbing

         Most of us use the restroom without fear of ever encountering an animal in our toilet bowl. We have participated in flushing our dead fish down the toilet or watched our siblings flush toys just to see if they go down. Walking into our home bathroom without thinking twice about it we sit on our porcelain thrones without ever thinking "what can come up". 

Only a lucky few have had the pleasure of finding their new pet in their toilet. Just imagine, your significant other is out spending your hard earned money. The kids are at your neighbors house plotting away on how to blow up the mail box with cherry bombs, and your dog is in the yard barking at the bird. It's the perfect time to go sit on your throne in peace, when you come across something you couldn't even imagine can come up your pipes. 
        If you are lucky enough, it's a small creature that you can fight off or just slam the top down and put something heavy on top. How     can this happen to you? Your house is clean! It's not your fault, it can happen to anybody. 

If you are squeamish don't keep reading, but if you are looking for a new pet keep reading.

They are too cute, you can't get mad at them.

Keep it as a pet, wrap it up and tell your son you spent a lot of money on his present.

Baby Possums
You have to admit it kinda looks like a Chihuahua 

Poor squirrel, get a towel and dry it off.

Just slam the top down. 

Just be thankful that you noticed it before sitting down. 
Can you imagine if it bit you while sitting down reading the paper?

For more info on how your home plumbing works message me
These little animals can come up through your sewer plumbing. Most, accidentally fall in through the vent stack. Trust me, they want no business with you.

Cover your vent stack with chicken wire if you are very worried, but you have to check it periodically to make sure your vent is breathing. It can get clogged, or have something obstruct it. 

To keep snakes and rats from entering your sewer, find out where your house main drain runs a long your property. Look for burrows, holes or anything that doesn't look right. 

Have a plumber check your drain pipes with a video camera. Also have the city look for entry holes in the city sewer lines. 

You are safe don't worry, but it never hurts to check. 

Happy Halloween

**If you ever come across an animal in your toilet, call 911 or Animal Control if needed. Close the lid and put something heavy on top. Don't forget to take a picture, because none of your friends will believe how big it actually was.  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Funny Plumbing Pictures

DIY Plumbing

I rarely have time off. When I do, I look up anything that has to do with plumbing. I come across the funniest DIY plumbing that puts a smile on my face. Why not share it with you guys!

I understand that some of these pictures are just a quick fix. In some situations people are not fortunate enough to be able to afford to have a plumber come out to fix their problem.

In no way, shape, or form am I laughing at anybody's misfortune. I'm just sharing with you how some people are using household items to work with their plumbing.

You have to admit that this is good. It looks like Macgyver had a hand in this.

  I guess water bottles have different uses.

 I'm hoping this is not permanent.

No words can describe how this door feels.

Once again, water bottle saved the day.

I can imagine a wife telling her husband to go fix the leak.
  "See hunni, we don't need to call the plumber..."

Moral of the story .....a professional plumber should always work on your plumbing.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

When Does Your Water Heater Need To Be Replaced?

Your Water Heater Might Need To Be Replaced

Residential and commercial water heaters were invented in 1889. Since then, we have been blessed with hot water in our homes. Living in Chicago, water heaters are one of the most important things we need on a freezing Winter morning. The average residential water heater is 40 gallons. Which is perfect for a household.

Water heaters, depending on which brand you have, last around 6 years. If you take care of your water heater you can make it last longer. Read the instructions manual that comes with your water heater. A couple important factors for making your water heater last longer are: 
  • Keeping your thermostat set at 120ยบF (if you overheat your water heater it will wear down faster)
  • Having copper piping
  • Installing your water heater in a warm area, this way it doesn't have to work harder to maintain it's temperature. 
  • Check the age of your tank, it it's beyond your warranty date you might need to have it looked at
  • Feel the water, if it's cold when you turn on your "Hot"
  • Turning your water in the shower and it's freezing 
  • Time how long your hot water lasts in the shower, if it's a lot shorter than you're use to
  • Check the floor around your water heater tank, look for puddles, streams of water, leaks around the base of the tank
  • Inspect the fittings and plumbing connections, look for water, sludge or corrosion
  • Listen to your tank for frequent noises