Saturday, December 21, 2013

Which Plumbing Jobs Should You Do vs. Which Should You Leave To A Plumber

Let a Professional Do the Job

When you are a home owner you gain more responsibilities than you were expecting. Some of us, are excited to take them on. Others, would rather have someone else do it. It is perfectly fine to leave certain home repairs to the professionals.

Don't over stress yourself, or take on a job that you can't do. It is better to leave it to a professional that knows what they are doing. Another plus, they have tools that you don't have. It is fine, don't spend money on costly tools that are just going to sit there. At the end, it might end up costing you more. Sit back and let someone else do it.

Things That You Could Do Your Self

Taking apart your shower head and cleaning it in vinegar, remember how to put it back together

Checking and fixing your toilet flapper and float

Checking that your water heater isn't leaking

Inspecting your water heater burner, flame should always appear blue

Checking that your toilet is not running water continuously

Checking that your sinks and toilets are not leaking

Caulking your tub



When you need to repair or replace any drains

Fixing or Replacing pipes

Sewer work

Water Heaters

Gas Lines

Main Water Lines

Fixing or Replacing pumps

Fixing and installing faucets, toilets, and appliances

If you have any questions or need assistance trying to figure out your plumbing give me a call or email. 
Remember, I'm here to help. 


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hard Working Service Men

Staying Warm During Chicago Winters 

In this country we have hard working men and women working hard every day.
Plumbers, Contractors, Electricians, Laborers, Carpenters and any other job that entails working outside with your hands.
Living in Chicago, we experience beautiful weather and some rough Winters. Some of us love what we do, others do it because it is a job to provide for our families.
No matter what the reason, we have to get up and go work outside on those chilly mornings.

Keeping warm in this frigid Winter is significant to our survival

1. Have your coffee set for when you wake up.
2. Heat up your towel before you jump in the shower.
3. Throw your clothes in the drier before putting them on in the morning.
4. Thermals are crucial, wear them under your clothes.
    a. Carhartt is durable and will keep you warm.
5. Gloves, wear them. As tough as you are, your hands need to keep warm.
6. Hat, Headwear, Beanies, Thermo Band. You lose most of your body heat through your head.    
   *COVER IT when you are working outside.
7. When you stop to get lunch, add a soup, or chili, or something warm.
8. Stay hydrated, you need water all year round.
9. If your significant other has been outside working all day, have hot coco waiting for them when they get home.
10. Make your spouse a hearty meal. Men and most women love something meaty and pasta along with it. After working outside all day, you need a meal to warm your body right away.
11. Set your clothes before you go to bed this way, everything is ready in the morning.

Ladies and Gentlemen this is basic stuff that we all know, but it helps to be reminded that small things make a huge difference on a freezing Chicago Winter day.

Stay warm and safe,

Kevin Szabo Jr
Plumbing and Sewer

Monday, December 2, 2013

Emergency 24 Hour Service

Holiday Plumbing Emergencies

During the holidays plumbing emergencies still happen. More than you think. We tend to do more than usual during the holidays. I love having my family and friends over, having a wonderful time together. We just forget to be as cautious as we usually are when we are enjoying our selves.
We have to remember to let loose a little but continue being conscious over our home appliances, plumbing and electrical.

When we tend to forget to take care of our home, use up more electric than usual or just abuse our plumbing:

-Family and friends gather at your home.

-Guests spending nights

-More children than you are usually use to(and we all know kids love flushing things down the toilet)

-Dishwasher being used more often

-Water constantly running

-Garbage Disposal overexposed

-Too many lights on


-When having guests spend the night, let them know nicely that there should be at least a ten minute wait in between showers.

-Clean your dishes well before placing them in the dishwasher.

-Take turns doing the dishes, this way you wont always have to load the dishwasher.

-Run water while you are using your garbage disposal
    *You need to remember that garbage disposals aren't meant to take everything. Stringy or fibrous    vegetables will clog the drain. Starchy foods will swell and also clog the drain. Never drain grease, oils, or fats(use an old coffee can to dispose).

-Put a little dish soap with cold water down the garbage disposal to keep it clean.

-If nobody is in the room, turn off all the lights.

-Put your Christmas lights on a timer, it will save you lots of money.

-Lock the bathroom doors, so small children don't abuse the toilet.

 -If you are lucky enough to have a fire place, use it so you could turn down the heat.

Be Safe, Be Healthy, and Enjoy Your Holidays

Kevin Szabo Jr Plumbing and Sewer

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Local Business

 Support Local America!

      As a small business owner I know how important it is to support your local business. It means a great deal to me when I hear customers choose our company because we are locally owned and operated. Originally from Posen, IL, I grew up in the beautiful neighborhoods of Posen and Midlothian. My father, also a local plumber, showed me how important it is to support my local small businesses. Whether it be a shop, a bakery, a restaurant or plumbing store.

      Family owned businesses are the heart of America. Fathers, mothers, siblings, grandchildren, all working together to successfully operate what they are proud of. Walking into a local business, you can't help but notice how much pride they have for the place, and what they work extremely hard for every day. You can even witness a few good arguments between family members, but nothing like the love they have for each other.

      When you spend your money locally, not only are you helping that business, you are supporting your local economy. Most of the money spent locally, stays locally. You support your family/loved ones with any crazy idea they come up with, might as well support your local businesses since figuratively they are your family. If you already do so, thank you. If you haven't taken the time to get to know your local businesses, try it out this weekend. You will be very satisfied with the overwhelming of incredible local businesses.


I love Food!

Joys of Thanksgiving

After working long, hard, days, everyone enjoys coming home to home cooked meals. The delicious smell fills up your house, it rushes through your body and it makes everything better. I know, I usually can't wait to wash up and sit down for dinner. Every good partner knows the way to your significant others heart is a good meal.

I'm very blessed to have that all the time.

Thanksgiving isn't just about food. It's about bringing people you love together and spending quality time as you enjoy a wonderful meal with your friends and family.

What do you usually make on Thanksgiving?

Yes plumbers love food as well. Even though we are available 24 hours a day and always ready for an emergency during the holidays, we can't wait to sit down with our families and chow down on mouthwatering food.

My favorite things to have on Thanksgiving are.....

Cornbread Stuffing

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Candied Sweet Potatoes

Green Bean Casserole

Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

Baked Lasagna

Cauliflower Gratin


Of Course Roasted Turkey

Dutch Apple Pie

Pecan Pie

Pumpkin Roll

I am starving now. I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with love, joy and lots of laughter. Remember to give thanks for your health and family.

Lots of Love,

Your Local Plumber
Kevin Szabo Jr

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Getting Your Home Ready For Thanksgiving

Be Ready For Thanksgiving


-Estimate how many guests are coming to
celebrate with you.
-How many guests are sleeping over? Make
sure you have covers, pillows, or sleeping bags.
(Not everyone has extra covers, so let your guest know that
you will arrange an area in your home but they should
bring covers, pillows, or a sleeping bag with them.)
It will be appreciated.
-We can always welcome more, open your doors to those
who don't have a family for the holidays.
-Enough food for everyone

-That the furnace is working properly
-The water heater is functioning correctly
-The plumbing is running smoothly
-Everything in the kitchen, you are going to be making a
feast. The oven, fridge, microwave, whatever else you
are planning on using on Thanksgiving check it.
Turn it on, make sure its running the way it should
without any weird smells or electrical shorts.

-Make a list of what you are planning on making
-Watch the Food Network or Google new Thanksgiving cooking ideas.
-Bake goodies
-Included your friends and family in the cooking process

Don't Forget
-To have enough towels in the bathroom closet
-Toilet paper under your bathroom sink
-Foil to wrap up left overs
-Take lots of pictures of the joyous event


 to be thankful for your
 health, friends, family,
home, all the small and big things in your life.
Appreciate the people that are in your life.
Be thankful for all, and remember to give
to families in need.

If you have extra funds, buy a turkey or two and
donate it to your local church. They will find a
family in need.

If you have the extra room in your home, welcome a
family or members from your church for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving To All

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Five Things Every Home Owner Needs To Know And Have In Their Home

Keeping Up With Your Home

It is a second job keeping up with your home and making sure everything always functions correctly. Five things that every household needs to have and know how to do in your house. Hopefully most of you already have these things in your home. If not, get on it already. Trust me, better safe than sorry.

1. Flashlights, not just one. You need a few throughout your home, especially if you have several people in your home. Remember to have extra batteries.
2. You need to know where the circuit breaker is and how it works. Also if and when you lose power in certain parts of the house while you are using more than one appliance for example the coffee maker, and the blow drier you need to know why. Call an electrician.
4. Check for drafts in your house, fix them. It will save you money.
5. Disposing your burnt fire ashes. Place them in a old tin can.

Friday, November 8, 2013

How To Handle a Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing emergencies always happen when you least expect it. For some odd reason they happen at weird hours, when it's usually harder to get a hold of someone to come save you.
You need to be prepared. Planning and knowing how to handle a plumbing emergency situation ahead of time will save you time and money. We all love to save time and money, so this includes everyone.

1. You need to know where the main water shut off is located
     -water meter is located in your basement or bottom floor of any building

2. A big water leak
     - turn off water at the shut off, which is located at the meter

3. Water heater is leaking
     - turn valve off on top of the heater
     - turn off gas valve, it should be located down by the control(usually red nob)

4. Sewage Problem
     - call the village, make sure that the city main is not backing up
     - make sure that it's not the city's sewage problem before you call a plumber(you are a tax payer you have rights)
5. Sump Pump
    - if the sump pump goes out, it might be the switch, try to by pass the piggy back plug to turn motor on for temporary relief

6. Frozen Pipes
   - water expands when it freezes, to give it a relief let your faucet drip

If you have any plumbing emergency questions don't hesitate to call or email. or (708)845-7922

Monday, October 28, 2013

Plunger for your toilet, sink, and tub.

Which Plunger Do I Use?

Almost every American household has one in their bathroom, right next to the toilet, others under the sink cabinet, and the rest in the bathroom closet. Now a days they make plastic, metal, or decorative plunger covers so you aren't ashamed.

Plungers have come a long way from the first plunger invented in 1777. The modern day toilet plunger it is said to have been invented in 1932 by Jeffrey Gunderson.
Gunderson gets credit for the invention but it is believed that it was actually invented sometime between  1850 and 1900. The reason for this theory is because the S-trap drainage system was invented in 1852 and the use of wood and rubber were becoming common practice.

I know your main concern is knowing which plunger to use for the job.

-Make sure that you don't have too much water in the toilet so you don't make a mess.
-Place flange plunger in the toilet bowl to completely cover the opening.
-Push down with force. 
-Thrust the flange plunger several times until the water flows down.
-The flange plunger should do the job the first time around. 
-If whatever is blocking your pipes is not flowing down, try putting dish soap to loosen out what ever is blocking your pipes. 
-Let the dish soap sit there for 10-15 minutes, before you try again.

-Place cup plunger over sink opening.
-Make sure the cup plunger is completely covering the opening.
-Push down and hard to get a good suction.
-Thrust the cup plunger until the water starts to flow down.

What if the plunger doesn't work? Can I use chemicals to pour down the sink or tub?
They have several chemicals to pour down your sink or tub. They say it works like magic, but pouring chemicals to unclog your drain is not a good idea. They damage your pipes, your skin, your surface and whatever else it touches. Your best bet is to call a professional plumber to help out with your problem. 

**If the above pictures are offensive I apologize, they are meant for humor

Monday, October 21, 2013

Clogging Your Drain

Can I put my pumpkin pulp down the drain?

The joys of carving pumpkins and being left with stringy pumpkin pulp all over. No, you should not put your pumpkin pulp down the drain. It is stringy, slimy, and it will harden up when it is dry. That will harm your plumbing.

I have a garbage disposal, can I still put my pumpkin pulp down the drain?

No, it will dull your blades and end up damaging your plumbing. Pumpkin pulp might seem like it will go down easy. You have to remember that just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not sitting there. I understand that you paid hundreds of dollars to be able to put whatever you would like down your garbage disposal. That's not how it works. You want your garbage disposal to last and to function correctly. Also, if you have food that wont go down the drain, it's going to sit there and stink up your kitchen. rotten food is the worst. You can get sick from the smell and the bacteria sitting in your sink.
        Stringy or fibrous vegetables will clog the drain. Starchy foods will swell and also clog the drain. Never drain grease, oils, or fats(use an old coffee can to dispose).
Remember to put a little dish soap with cold water down the garbage disposal to keep it clean.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Pumpkin Carving Plumber
These pumpkins are the ones we carved last year

Trust me I know this has nothing to do with plumbing tips or home repair. I just couldn't help my self since I love Halloween and pumpkin carving. I won't leave my day job to become a pumpkin carver in the near future, but we can all dream. 
Carving my masterpiece 


I think I did a pretty good job at carving my grim reaper. Without a doubt I won against that bat-cat-creppy-dragon thing. I have visited a few websites looking for good ideas. I'll share my favorite ones. Let me know what you think. I have to win again this year. It helps when you have a good solid pumpkin to start with. Pumpkin carving tools help, you can also use silver wear, or whatever tools you have in the garage. I might include my Milwaukee Tools this year. By the way, you should enjoy a home made pumpkin pie or pecan pie while carving pumpkins. It makes it all better. 

I have searched all over the web for good pumpkin ideas, but hands down extreme has the best. This one, has been one of my favorite for a few years now. The buildings on fire make the picture for me. 

This pumpkin monster made me laugh. They did a great job with his expression. I can't figure out how they did the tongue, if you know send me an email. I wouldn't mind recreating this one. Poor little guy is about to get eaten. 

All these pumpkins are just so perfectly evil. The eyes and huge smile make them so devilishly bad. 
Burn, Burn, Burn (evil laughter)...ha ha ha ha
If I ever have a daughter, I'll do this one for her. 
Those are suppose to be his hands
Brain surgery
That's what happens when you step on my lawn
I know this one isn't really considered as pumpkin carving. It looks cool, I would want to put this in front of my house. I can just imagine how nasty it would get after a few days. 
This last one is suppose to be cute, so you don't think I was being racist and only choose evil pumpkins. 

Halloween Halloween, enjoy your pumpkin carving. Don't forget to send me pictures of your masterpieces. I promise I will share mine with you guys. 

**I would like to give thanks for all the pictures I stole from, visit their site. They honestly have great ideas.