Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Drink Your Morning Coffee In Your Dream Kitchen

Dream Kitchen I Can Afford!

You're sitting in your kitchen drinking your morning coffee. As you look outside, the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, birds are out chirping away. How beautiful is Spring? Then, you snap out of your day dreaming and realize we live in Chicago. There's snow in the end of March and your kitchen needs a major facelift.

Often in my free time, I search dream kitchens on Pinterest. I fantasize about having a magnificent kitchen. High ceilings, thick wood trim and crown molding, glorious windows, white cabinets, with a farm sink, and to top it off a giant rustic chandelier. For now, let's work on building a kitchen my budget can afford.

First, what kind of budget do I have? How much should I really spend on my kitchen to make a difference? Let's do some simple math.

Modest Budget: Value of Your Home X 5% = $__________

Great Budget: Value of Your Home X 10% = $__________

Now, after deciding the budget for your kitchen, let's break down the percentage for each category.

Cabinets 40%

Labor 25%
(including plumbing)

Countertops 12%

Appliances 8%
(if you can wait for a sale, or Black Friday, you won't feel like 8% isn't enough)

Flooring 7%

Lighting/Electrical 4%

Wall Covering 3%

Miscellaneous 1%

After we break down how much to spend on each category, the fun part begins. Make a priority checklist.

A. Appearance
      a. What do I want my kitchen to look like?

B. Workflow and Layout
      a. Do I need more room?
      b. Do I entertain in my kitchen?
      c. Do you have kids? Pets?
      d. Where in the kitchen do you want to eat your meals?

C. Storage and Organization
      a. Do I need a simple set up?
      b. Cabinet space?
      c. Pantry?
      d. An area for all my gadgets(phone charging area)?

D. Increasing Value
      a. Do I plan on living here for several years?
      b. Do I want to turn around and sell it next year?
      c. Do I want a functioning kitchen?

If you are like me, and love to get ideas, visit Pinterest, Houzz, HGTV, Better Homes & Garden.
Visit a showroom. When you are in a showroom kitchen, you can have a better idea how you want your set up. Play around with their storage solutions. Think about what you actually need, and what you want. Do I really want that tiered cutlery divider or the different pantry roll out trays? I want it all. The Recycling Center, the Message Center, the Easy Access Wall Cabinet, the Pantry Pull Out, the Super Lazy Susan and of course I want the Gourmet Super Cabinet. 

How do you use your kitchen?
  • Cooking and food prep
  • Eat meals 
  • Use electronic devices
  • Feed your pets
  • Do paperwork, pay your bills
  • Read
  • Visit with friends/family
  • Do your homework
Remember make your kitchen dream a reality. Start calling licensed professionals and let them know what you want done. Show them your plan layout. Most important, make sure they are licensed, bonded, insured, and highly recommended.

If you need help with your dream kitchen, let us know. We love helping.

Now go get started on that kitchen. It's not going to build it self.